Dan Corner Responds To Jehovah’s Witness Email

Email received by Evangelical Outreach regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses:

I have been reading the New World Testament [sic] for some time now, and I came accross something in one of your e-mails that was very interesting. You teach that Jehova’s Witnesses are of a false religion. Why is that? Why are they considered a false religion? I thought that everything that they practice comes directly from Biblical scriptures, even from the King James version. but I was told (and I have seen also) that the only difference between the KJ and NWT was that Jehova’s devine [sic] name was removed from the KJ version 6,832 times, and that the NWT has only replaced it where it has been removed. Is that also true? Please tell me this so I can understand, because if you can show me that what you have taught is true, you may very well save me from condemnation, and that is very important to me. Thank you for all of your time and effort.

[Dan Corner’s Response: Greetings in Jesus’ name. (THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT EMAIL. Please read it carefully.) You asked about the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’m very acquainted with them and their beliefs. A family member is one and he tried to convert me. First, The New World Translation (NWT) has changed MANY VERSES and not just the ones dealing with the name “Jehovah,” Their Bible (NWT) has changed almost all of the Scriptures that show the deity of Christ, because they teach Jesus is Michael the archangel! They have also altered other verses to parallel their strange doctrine. Secondly, they think that ONLY THE WATCHTOWER HEADQUARTERS in Brooklyn NY can correctly understand the Bible AND they are “Jehovah’s Organization.” In other words, God’s truth can ONLY BE FOUND by reading material printed through (by) the Watchtower Society. Thirdly, the Watchtower Society has claimed to be a “prophet” and has made many false prophecies over the years. In reality they are a FALSE PROPHET. Fourthly, they are teaching a plan of salvation that is DEADLY! The real plan of salvation, as found in Scripture, tells us to REPENT and place our faith in JESUS for salvation. Their salvation message is associated with the Watchtower Society.

We have many articles on our web site dealing with these and other issues related to the JWs. Please check them out http://www.evangelicaloutreach.org/jehovah.htm Please read over these articles and write back. REMEMBER SALVATION IS NOT FOUND IN ANY ORGANIZATION, DENOMINATION, etc. IT IS ONLY FOUND IN JESUS. God bless you.]

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Dan Corner Exposes The Beliefs Of Jehovah’s Witnesses

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The Jehovah’s Witnesses are so indoctrinated that they most often refuse to consider the evidence of Scripture, even when exposed to the errors from their own literature! If they were to become real Christians, they would be considered apostates and shunned by other Jehovah’s Witnesses, even their own family. The price is too high to pay for most of them, but some JWs do find eternal life.

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