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Calvinism is a false but popular theological system that is based on man having no free will in his salvation. Those chosen by God to receive salvation cannot refuse it nor can they lose it. According to Calvinism, the elect can behave in a wicked way and remain saved even while unrepentant. In other words, Calvinism denies that a righteous person will die spiritually by turning to evil. The belief of “once saved always saved” is the most tightly embraced point among Calvinists! True Christian belief is that man has free will both before and after initial salvation. It is his responsibility to keep his salvation and continue to follow the Lord Jesus. Such is consistent with saving grace and is not legalism or a works salvation, as falsely labeled by some.

Dan Corner is a Holiness Preacher, who teaches even the unpopular Bible truths for the sake of SOULS. Click to learn more about the errors of Calvinism and the importance of refuting those beliefs, particularly that of once saved always saved.