Dan Corner

Who Is Dan Corner? Dan Corner is a semi-familiar face on the campuses where he shares his message. As an ordained minister, he pastored for years, and has since gone on to write several books that explore the myths, misunderstandings and relevant truths that serve to answer the spiritual questions that many people have. Dan Corner is a contender for the Christian faith, and demonstrates his commitment to helping others to learn and understand the lessons that the Bible holds.

Dan Corner Television Interview – Conditional Security VS Eternal Security


Dan Corner, Director of Evangelical Outreach, is interviewed again on television as he discusses conditional security vs once saved always saved. Dan Corner is an Evangelical Holiness Preacher who is also an ordained minister, apologist and campus evangelist.

In this video, Dan Corner will answer various questions. Brother Corner mentions the intense spiritual battle that is raging for souls, how few will enter the kingdom, how Christians must be faithful and holy, how Christians must fear God and submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Evangelist Dan Corner answers the questions: Does grace permit immorality? Can a Christian who strays be saved again? What is true grace teaching?

Television Interview – Conditional Security VS Eternal Security

At another of his sites, Dan Corner asks, What Difference Does It Make?