Age Of Accountability | Dan Corner | Refuting Calvinism

It is strongly implied in Scripture that there is a time period when all babies and/or very young people are protected from hell fire. That protection from eternal fire is both rational and Scriptural. If that was not the case, then innocent babies and little children would be thrown into fiery torment upon their untimely death with no choice of their own, which is unthinkable. Besides that, here is Scriptural support:

Once I was alive apart from law; but when the commandment came, sin sprang to life and I died. I found that the very commandment that was intended to bring life actually brought death. For sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, deceived me, and through the commandment put me to death. (Rom 7:9-11)

Babies and little children are alive, not dead. Total depravity (original sin) is a false teaching. The age of when a person starts to sin will vary, based on their knowledge:

Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins. (James 4:17)

But the man who has doubts is condemned if he eats, because his eating is not from faith; and everything that does not come from faith is sin. (Rom 14:23)

All babies and young children lack the knowledge about right and wrong:

But before the boy knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right, the land of the two kings you dread will be laid waste. (Isa 7:16)

Dan Corner firmly believes the Calvinistic doctrine of infant damnation for the non-elect is shown to be absurd and out of harmony to the rest of Scripture, like all of Calvinism. The Calvinistic false concept of God could allow him to send innocent babies to be tormented in fire forever! Shocking, but true! That is part of what Calvinism is!

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